George Floyd

I was thinking about starting a site as an outlet for my thoughts. This George Floyd story made me take action and get started. He was murdered by the Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. I don’t understand what the plan was supposed to be after sticking your knee into his neck. Three other officers standing around couldn’t handcuff him? What’s next? Will they be charged? Will they be convicted? Will they become a cop somewhere else? If there are no other consequences, won’t this happen again?

Instead of a solution, racists and people who don’t want to be bothered but still chime in tell us Black people:

  • Kill each other (What does this half to do with police brutality?)
  • Commit most of the violent crime (Again what does that have to do with police brutality and I question these stats considering systematic racism)
  • It happens more to White people (Is that a good thing?)

Someone like Candice Owens says this doesn’t happen that much but I recall her making a fuss over Mollie Tibbetts’ murder. So then I wonder how much murder is too much? It seems like conservatives only care when it matches their politics.

I have a feeling Trump is more likely to take action then Biden but I think this problem needs to be fixed locally. I think criminal justice reform is the number one Black issue. Though Trump threatening prostestors recently makes me wonder if he is trying to play both sides of the fence.

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