Protesting and looting

After George Floyd was murdered by the police, there are protests and looting happening in cities across the country. Protests started because of the murder and the police officers weren’t charged. Now I think they continue because only one cop was arrested with an accidental murder charge. Most of the focus has turned to people looting stores.

A police station in Minneapolis was burned by protesters. I don’t think the looting has anything to do with George Floyd. Looters in my opinion are just taking advantage of the situation. It doesn’t help that we are all masking are face in public and most places are shut down. Consider that we shut down country and people can’t work. So now that we are gradually reopening the country it doesn’t surprise me people are looting stores.

I don’t support the looters but it’s not because they are ripping off large or even small businesses. I don’t support the rioters burning public offices and equipment but it’s not because we will just pay for with our tax dollars. I don’t support them because the focus seemed to move from the original problem of police brutality.

I should mention during this pandemic, I have been employed and able to pay my bills without issue so I can relate as much.

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