Lil Wayne doesn’t care about Black Lives Matter

At least that’s what it sounds like. Fat Joe asked him recently what he thought about George Floyd and the protests. We heard this before from him. He doesn’t think racism exists because he was saved by a White cop as a kid. He doesn’t want to speak on an issue unless he is willing to take more steps to fix the problem.

I think this is a good time to remind kids that Rap isn’t real. Lil Wayne will tell you he is a gangsta. I hate to make assumptions but this isn’t the only time he’s said fuck the police. Now he is telling us about how racism doesn’t exist because he was saved by a White cop. So he thinks there are no racist or corrupt cops? This is a contradiction. I would think the first thing out of a gangsta’s mouth when asked about the police is fuck em! He has made millions portraying a gangsta but Hollywood actors do the same thing so whatever. I’m in the minority but I would love to hear him stick to positive raps or maybe drop the act.

I wish someone in his circle would tell him at a minimum he could just say nothing at all. He could just say something weak like “I hope justice is served.” Nicki Minaj is usually quick to donate to various causes but as far as I know she has only issued a statement about George Floyd. All she did was post on Instagram. I wish Nicki would pick up the phone and give Wayne a call. Drake just donated $100,000.00. Again, Drake gave ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS to protesters. Lil Wayne doesn’t have to give money or even tell us he gave money but I wish Drake would talk to him. Lil Wayne started a radio show recently and Dr. Dre spoke on the situation. I’m hoping for a few more conversations to happen because we could use his support. He could also say nothing and remain neutral. I’m that much of a fan that I won’t play the either-you-with-us-or-against-us card.

There are many ways to show your support or maybe be an activist. You can start a blog. You can donate money. You can march. You can riot and loot. You can vote. You can advocate in an interview and you can even just tweet. You probably won’t win an award for activism for just sending a tweet but it still counts. I should mention that he has apologized about this years ago. I don’t know if he was genuine or learned anything but I also hate apology shaming or critiquing an apology.

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