Donald Trump is a liar

Back when George Bush was leaving White House, I remember him doing an interview where he said the bible probably isn’t real. I remember thinking why is he saying this now. Barack Obama told people if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it. Politifact was a website that made it easy to see if Obama kept his word. I was young and just getting more interested in politics. I thought Obama was different. I did my homework. I started reading and watching historic videos. It was clear that all politicians lie but I think Donald Trump will tell you anything you want to hear. I haven’t even looked at his Politifact meter because I don’t need to. I believe Donald Trump will piss on your leg and tell you it is raining. On social media, I do not follow him and I have his name muted. I’ve heard enough. He is a businessman and a SALESMAN. He will tell you what you want to hear in order to get the power he wants. I don’t really understand his motives but maybe he is after attention.

We heard this week that he went into a bunker during the recent protest. He now tells us that it was just an inspection. Was it really a drill? Was it a coincidence that you had a drill or inspection during a protest…at night? All we have to back this up is an insider tip and the idea that this is very normal. Protecting the president is what I expect the Secret Service to do. Lying about taking cover is unexpected. I don’t think less of Trump because someone urged him to go into a bunker. I think less of Trump for trying to convince me he was just looking around. Trump may have thought that being president was an easy job but that doesn’t make sense. When he was asking for Obama’s birth certificate he knew how this all worked. He knew everything he did would be under the microscope. It seems like he will say anything that will get him elected. He knows how to work the media or maybe he is just a liar. I mean there are plenty of fools out there but it’s clear he is lying here or is he being sarcastic?

The amount of lies makes me think he is trying to go viral or maybe he knows nothing seems to matter anymore? When he was running for president, he was a joke. I mostly heard he could not win. Seeing Trump become the president makes me wonder if Kanye West really could also become president. I mean he could just claim sarcasm and how would we know? He does not like the mainstream media so maybe we have a troll for a POTUS.

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