Black Gun Ownership

Black Dynamite

I’m kinda thinking out loud on this one. I haven’t picked a side but I hear people talking about getting guns to protect themselves from the police. I mean looking at the actions that followed maybe George Floyd should’ve had a gun. He probably would still be dead but maybe there police would think twice before putting their knee on person’s neck again. I don’t want people shooting the police and I don’t want the police killing people. I feel like it’s just putting a target on your back for the police. If you know your history then you know the founding fathers of this country knew power corrupts people. We were always going to end up in the same situation they escaped and revolted against.

2nd amendment gun ownership is encouraged but for who? There are so many examples out there if you do your Googles of cops treating Black gun owners as threats on sight. In this video we see the cops calmly ask White guys whats going on and freak out when they see a Black guy do the same thing.

I remember seeing the police go after Baltimore Spectator. He is a veteran, gun owner, who questions police and government on a regular basis. It seems like the police either think we don’t know our rights or don’t know how to do their job. I can’t find recent evidence of this but I have seen in some areas police didn’t even need a high school diploma or GED to get hired.

Two INNOCENT women killed recently in their home BY THE POLICE were gun owners. Breonna Taylor was killed because she knew a drug dealer…yes, that’s it! Atatiana Jefferson was killed by the police because her neighbor asked for a wellness check after he noticed her door was left open.

A cop murdered Philandro Castile in his car with his girlfriend and daughter present. He was a gun owner. He was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. The police murdered him over a TRAFFIC STOP! They somehow feared for their lives even though he had his whole family there getting pulled over for what? Speeding?

Check out this video about a gun advocate giving advice to new Black gun owners It’s clear that all cops don’t even know all the laws they have to enforce and some are aggressive about enforcing them. I recently heard about Duncan Lemp. I think Black Lives Matter is about police brutality first and racism second. I’m not only concerned about the Black people murdered by the police. I think it is wrong no matter who it happens to. This guy got a gun drawn on him for illegal window tints and being a gun owner.

So to wrap this all up, I want a gun to protect myself but I think the police will just shoot first and ask questions later and maybe a law will get passed. Seems like it is smarter to invest in body armor or both. One thing I don’t see many people talking about is cops seem more afraid of cameras then guns.

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