Wear a mask

Saw this on BYT’s IG

If you care about someone other than yourself than wear a mask. I don’t think there is much hope as most people only care about themselves. So until they get infected or know someone who gets infected there is no hope in changing them. Even then they have this idea that they are now immune so they don’t have to worry anymore.

There is no excuse for not wearing a mask in a grocery store. I think most places only require a face covering. You are welcome to choose whatever makes you comfortable. One thing that I guess people may have missed is you only need to wear it while you are in the store. Considering you are safer at home you shouldn’t be spending much time in the store. We can’t have nice things because you people won’t just wear a mask. It doesn’t help that Trump and a lot of his supporters don’t want to wear a mask.

I have seen young people typically under 25 years old that don’t believe they can get it or it will have an effect on them. I have done some searching and the numbers are low. The media seems to focus on people in their late 20s. I also notice people are grouping young people as 20-40 years old. When I was 21 I thought 25 was old. I didn’t think I was in the same age group as a 30 or 40 year old. You can’t really reach actual young people without pointing to examples and there doesn’t appear to be many. It seems the best we can do is remind everyone that even if you don’t care about COVID-19 you can stop the spread to other people by wearing a mask.

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