“We only get two choices”

“But we only get two choices. We only have apples and oranges. There’s only an apple and an orange on the ballot and you have to pick one. Even if you vote doesn’t count your influence does.” Bill Maher said this recently in an interview with John Bolton while asking him why he won’t vote for Trump or Biden on HBO. John Bolton rightfully laughed at this joke that Bill Maher was trying to tell. It sounds like Bolton is not going to check a box when it comes to the president part of the ballot. You do have the option to skip some parts of the ballot.

The truth is we typically have at least 3-4 four choices for president. The media doesn’t give much coverage to the Libertarian or Green party but they are there. Democrats and republicans don’t want people to consider the other parties because less competition is easier. They regularly make it harder for other parties to get on the ballot. Saying that you can only vote for a democrat or republican because they are the only ones who can win is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You can even vote for Kanye West! He announced on Twitter that he is running for president. I don’t know if he is seriously running. I don’t know what his stance is on most issues. I don’t think he has a stance on most issues. He will not be on the ballot in several states but you always have the ability to write in whoever you like.

Listen to the kids, bro!

No matter what you do you have more than two choices and you should vote.

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