Christopher Columbus in Baltimore

In politics, if you don’t have an answer or don’t like the topic, change the subject. People that are against Black Lives Matter and police brutality want to focus on a statue being torn down or shootings in the inner city. As if more than one problem can’t exist at the same time. This is what Donald Trump is doing but he is just a liar trying to win an election. He signed a criminal justice law but he won’t win an election by becoming MLK so he is grandstanding for his base. He is getting his base fired up but you should pay more attention to what he does and not what he says.

I was listening to the C4 show today on WBAL. I think the episode was actually from Monday. Torrey Snow filled in and spent the whole show whining about the Christopher Columbus statue being torn down. He seemed to make one point that the government should decide whether or not to take down the statue. He apparently knew the entire neighborhood in Baltimore wanted to keep the statue even though he claims to live in Anne Arundel county. I mostly listened because I was curious about the case for a Christopher Columbus statue or holiday. They never made this point but did briefly bring up Italians.

I’m still against rioting and looting but I don’t really care about a Columbus statue either. I get why it happened because I have heard this anti Columbus talk for probably the past ten years. Every year on social media I hear people say Columbus didn’t discover anything. Most of the criticisms seem exaggerated. They are exaggerated but he still doesn’t seem to deserve a holiday and statues. We only celebrate this holiday as showing support for Italians. It’s sort of like what they did back in the day for St. Patrick’s day for the Irish. I don’t think people hate Italians anymore but since we are debating taking away their holiday how about we replace it with pizza! Put up a pizza statue and make February 9th a federal holiday. I’m open to other Italian food suggestions. I don’t what Italian food I don’t like.

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