Young people are invincible to COVID-19

At least this kid is smart enough to actually use Google

Trump wants kids back in school. Why? It looks like kids are low risk for COVID-19 but school staff are vulnerable. If you could somehow get everyone to wear mask this might be okay but kids think they are invincible. It looks like the reason comes down to money and safety. Remote learning is expensive and doesn’t seem to be effective.

The media should put out stories of young people 24 and under. The younger the better. Are they dealing with the same symptoms and struggles? Why would a kid give a damn about spreading a virus? Kids don’t care about anything except charging their phone!

The media should also do stories on repeat cases of COVID-19. If I suffered through recovery and actual survive I might think I’m invincible. The media is talking about herd immunity. People think that they should just expose themselves so that they immune system builds itself up. Is it possible to debunk this theory.

I noticed recently that we are repeating history. I think the good news is we have the resources to maybe get past this faster than 2 years. I miss bars, clubs, and concerts. It seems we will get back to normal when a vaccine is available regardless if we take it or not. One thing about the Spanish Flu is it seemed to disappear on its own. I can’t find any information suggesting otherwise. I have heard it’s possible to mutate into a weaker form.

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