Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter

Shoutout to Passport Gift and Parks. Pick A Side is exactly the point!

Fuck Gillie. I always liked his Instagram and podcast more than his music but I can’t follow no more. Twitter was trending yesterday about a clip four years old where he says ALM. He came back with a clip and I thought he was gonna clean it up but he said ALM again with his chest.

I don’t like people saying they don’t have to explain. I don’t see why not. Black Lives Matter is about police brutality. We organized under this name after seeing Black men and women murdered by police in the streets. You see a certain amount of Black people MURDERED BY THE POLICE for no reason and you want it to stop. People are upset because we are seeing it too much but it should never happen. I am Black and a racist cop shouldn’t be able to get away with murdering me just because HE GOT NERVOUS.

When you open you mouth comparing Black Lives Matter with any other issue you are dividing us and going against the movement. Crime needs to stop but it is a separate topic that can exist at the same time and doesn’t call for comparison or competition. The BLM movement was sparked by police brutality. We ALREADY have stop the violence movements. We have been actively working to stop crime in the community since forever. Again the point of ALM is to change the subject. We need to focus on BLM. It is okay if you pay attention to other issues. It is not okay to put one issue verses the other. I’m 100% with you if you are against crime and murder but soon as you try to put those movements against Black Lives Matter we are at odds.

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