Dame Dash was right but Super Duty Tough Work is wrong

Credit to Lindanee

I like all these guys shows. I follow Blueprint and Illogic and the podcast. Big fan of 1988 and grabbed some of Blueprint’s books recently. I follow the Breakfast Club and Dame Dash. I started this blog because to share my thoughts in general and I don’t like when people are loud and wrong. I wouldn’t say SDTW is big time but they are way bigger than me.

You’re doing the same thing we all doing and that is selling gossip. I’m a fan and that’s why I recall how quick you were to run and post about T-Pain having a house in foreclosure (That Twitter Advanced Search feature is strong. I was starting to think I imagined this). Did you call T-Pain and ask him if was homeless? Do you know how many houses he has? Do you know all the details on why he lost the house? Maybe it was an investment property and he decided to cut his losses. It triggered me because i’m a fan of both artists and I hate when the media posts a negative half-assed story. You don’t know all the facts and you probably won’t even attempt to do a follow-up but you do know it will drive traffic.

To give Blueprint credit I don’t think he knows he is gossiping. From what I can see, he is mostly trying to help people. I liked that they gave Dame his props on this episode cause it seems like most of the media likes to pile on assumptions that he isn’t doing well. That line about hustling for his last name not his first name is definitely a bar and how I like to consider myself moving like that since I heard that interview.

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