Nick Cannon is racist?

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I think this comes down to the debate on whether you think Black people can be racist. My definition of racism is defining people based on their skin color. I’m a Black man that lives in PG county Maryland but I don’t agree with every Black man in PG county and i’m sure they all don’t agree with me. I think the only debate is if it is dangerous if Black people are racist. We are a minority in this country.

I saw some people say he was anti-Semitic. They started talking about this around the 12 minute mark. I listened to the interview and it looked like from their perspective they believe Black people are the true Jewish people. I say they cause I don’t know that much about religion. I have studied it a lot but I feel like it is endless and their is so much interpretation. I don’t think that part of the interview was offensive but i’m not Jewish. I would like to know what Jewish people think when they hear it.

Around the 48 minute mark they started talking about melanated people. He says non-melanated people are closer to animals. At this point of the interview I don’t think they are talking about Jewish people since they believe Black people are the true Jewish people. I think they were talking about White people in general. Nick Cannon has apologized and said no hate was intended. I don’t think Nick Cannon thought he was saying anything racist. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t trying to be offensive on purpose. I think this is why diversity is important. If they would’ve had a White person and a Jewish person in the room, Nick would still be with Viacom. I’m curious if he could bring his show to Revolt. Diddy has said he is interested.

I see people are saying that Nick Cannon was fired over free speech. I’m not a legal genius but the free speech protection in the constitution is protection from the government. If my employer doesn’t like what i’m saying in the public, i’m not protected in the constitution from being fired.

It’s ironic because Nick said they were definitely going to go viral for this interview at 87:15.

UPDATE This episode and several others was taken down from Spotify. The clean up in in progress.

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