Voting for anyone but Trump and Biden

From Gospel Applied

We now know Biden is running for president with Kamala Harris. After all the BLM protests, the Democrats picked Mr. Mass Incarceration and a cop. It feels like a slap in the face though they both claim to have changed.

Kanye West is polling at 2%. Jo Jorgensen has 2%. Howie Hawkins has 1%. I think polls are useless because they are just a guess and the real poll is election day but Biden is polling 51% and Trump has 41%. There is usually an error margin and so people are nervous their candidate will not win.

First of all, people focus too much on national politics and forget that their vote is looked together across the country. The popular vote does not win an election and is just a distraction. If you look at these polls, make sure you are looking by state and not a national poll. There is almost no chance that Biden will lose Maryland.

Another thing that people say is we have a two party system but get mad when you consider voting for someone other than a Democrat or a Republican. We have made up our minds and you can’t convince us to change it with lies. If I’m going to vote then it will be for someone I actually support. Voting for Biden or Trump would be a wasted vote.

The most important thing to keep in mind is your local races are probably the most important. We will probably have a divided government on the federal level. There won’t be much done if there isn’t a majority.

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