The X1 Credit Card

I really like this credit card. I like the features that will allow you to use temporary credit card numbers. I like the the material will be metal even thought that doesn’t really matter. It has a nice look and metal cards have a nice feel. Considering they do this to make you use it more and hopefully pay them interest payments and fees it feels like a trap. Credit is a trap but I think it can come in handy if you are conservative with your spending. Plastic comes in handy when you lock your self out of your house. I have seen a locksmith struggle with a door and then just use a credit card. You can’t do this with a metal card but doesn’t look and feel nice?!

The ability to use temporary credit cards makes me wonder if this is legal and what will happen to the subscription/trial business scam. A lot of companies like to store your credit card so that you will forget about reoccurring payments. If this card becomes popular because of this feature I wonder what the next trick will be or will they fight back.

I think this will be successful because of the old FOMO trick and waitlist. I keep checking to see my status and everyone else is doing it.

I like that they are basing this off of income instead of credit score since the pandemic has made my 700+ score pretty much useless. I have applied for several cards so maybe that is the real problem. I mostly want the card features. I don’t care how much they are willing to loan me. Since there is no annual fee there doesn’t seem to be much to lose. I encourage taking a free class here or here.

I hate the idea of people with bad credit getting this card because they might end up with even worse debt problems but if they could pare it with some financial literacy advice I am for it. I think most people struggle financially because we need to teach people financial literacy. We should be teach kids about debt and taxes more often. I don’t remember learning about either of those in school.

The website mentions that you can Spend anonymously without disclosing your personal information. I have no clue what they could mean by spending anonymously but that is one thing that people love about bitcoin.

They also mention the ability to attach a receipt to a purchase. I like this feature because storing and keeping track of a receipt can be a hassle. I don’t have much confidence in how long they would store it but this sounds like another good new feature. I don’t know if another company is already doing some of this but i’m sure they will catch up soon.

They are offering 30 days of 4x points if you get the card through a referral. I really hate the idea of earning points instead of earning a specific percentage of what I spent because what is a point!? It really upsets me because they offer points but I don’t go to grocery store and spend points. To be fair a dollar doesn’t keep it’s value overtime so I guess i’m complaining about nothing.

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