Kanye West For President

At least he knows how to read a teleprompter

Why not? It is 2020 anyway. I will be voting for Jo Jorgensen in Maryland but if you want to write in Kanye West you should do it. The current president is a former reality TV star and Ronald Reagan was an actor. Joe Biden appears to be senile and I feel like his son’s have to be sort of reflection of him. If you want me to show up and vote, i’m definitely voting for who I support the most. I don’t care who is likely to win. I don’t care about someone else’s opinion of my vote.

You may have heard that Kanye was accused of faking signatures to get on some state ballots. Something to consider is a vote Kanye is considered a vote against Joe Biden. As of right now, most states are ran by either Democrats or Republicans. Democrats or Republicans do not want more competition. It helps if they keep people thinking you only have two choices. They encourage you to vote but only if you are voting for them. West has no chance of winning a nomination running as either of the major parties so he might as well run under a different party. How many people sign there name exactly correctly every time forever. Consider that some people have lost the ability to write or type properly due to disabilities. The requirement to sign your name is outdated. We need a new way to verify petitions.

For some reason he is a big fan of Trump. You might think that he is trying to get Trump re-elected. West getting Black votes means less Black votes for Biden. The majority of Black voters are not voting for Trump.

Something else to consider is we do not live in a kingdom. Kanye becoming president does not mean he can do whatever he wants. He would still need approval from congress and the supreme court. You may have noticed Trump hasn’t done much in the last two years and didn’t get much done in the first two years.

I can give you only one reason not to vote for Kanye. I think he already knows he will not win and this is just a test run. I do not if there is any proof of this but I think a lot of politicians run for office knowing that it will take them two or three tries before winning. I don’t like that he couldn’t do a better job of making his case for president in that Forbes interview. He maybe jokingly admitted to Nick Cannon that he is not running for president instead he is walking.

Oh and also: Joe Rogan just dropped an almost three hour Kanye interview.

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