My ballot for the 2020 election

Vote for Jo Jo

I’m going to go through my ballot for this year’s election. Feel free to copy my answers. I will try to vote early but one way or the other I will be voting in person. I do no trust mail in or drop off ballots. If you are looking to avoid a long line I recommend using Google Maps. You can pull up a voting location and see almost a real time numbers of how busy it is. I usually do this for my grocery store but I can’t confirm this will work right now. Early in person voting starts on Monday and the election is on November 3rd. It seems they cut back on the amount of time you can vote early in Maryland and the excuse is the pandemic. I consider myself one of the few that still takes the pandemic seriously but now that there is an officially approved treatment I wonder if we should start getting back to normal. We may need to wait until the amount of people dying and people in hospitals go down.

I will be voting for Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy Spike Cohen for president and vice president. Lately i’m not sure that even the Libertarian party has all the answers but I do think they have most of them. I consider myself a Libertarian and i’m registered as one but I’m not sure i’m a perfect libertarian.

What!? He looks surprised to be nominated.

I’m not voting for anyone at the moment for district 4 representative in congress. George McDermott seems like a joke. I can’t tell if he is being serious. The only way he wins is if we suddenly want to get rid of Anthony Brown for some reason. I don’t think Maryland hates Anthony Brown that much even though we did not want him to be governor. I mean we didn’t like him enough to elect a Republican but McDermott still doesn’t stand a chance. The Capital Gazette has some of his positions and he sounds like a democrat. I’m surprised he got even 20% of the vote in his previous runs for office.

For Circuit Court Judge i’m looking for diversity and limited terms. I’m looking for limited terms in all public offices. All skin folk ain’t kinfolk but I think we are better off with more diversity. I find it interesting that only six of the available 11 candidate slots are available to pick from. We have the option to vote for five of the six or write in five. So in this case it comes down to figuring out who I would rather not vote for and there is not much info out there. I’m voting for April Ademiluyi, ShaRon Grayson Kelsey, Jared McCarthy, Wytonja Curry, and Gladys Weatherspoon. I will be setting up some Google Alerts to keep my eye on whoever is elected but I read somewhere they can stay in office for 15 years. I’m not sure if that is correct but that number is ridiculous.

I’m voting against Edward Gregory Wells. He was appointed by Larry Hogan last year and was previously in Calvert county. I can’t find much information on him.

It looks like David Murray gets to keep his District 1 Board of Education seat. He is running uncontested. I’m not in school currently and I do not have any children but I do get taxes taken out of my paycheck. In this race I will not check a box.

I will be voting against question 1. I’m hoping to limit the amount of money Maryland is spending. Seeing how democrats have ruled the state, we know what happens when you give them more power.

I’m voting for question 2 to expand gambling with sports. I have doubts on how much of that money will really make it to education but i’m not against gambling. I don’t do much gambling myself because I don’t like losing money unless it’s in the stock market. With any financial risk I would just like to see finance education and advice.

I’m voting against question A, B, C, D, and E. I do not trust our government to borrow and spend money efficiently. I’m assuming most of the county doesn’t agree with me.

I hope this information reaches you because most of the large tech companies are censoring people. I have a feeling they don’t want me posting stuff like this but we will see.

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