They don’t want you to read this

DJ Khaled told you years ago about They trying to stop us
50 Cent doesn’t want to be 20 Cent
Facebook and Instagram don’t want you listening to 50 Cent

50 Cent recently post a picture of CNBC Power Lunch talking about paying 62% tax rate in NYC. The source in the picture is listed as “The Tax Foundation; Biden Campaign.” At the top of image it says in big bold letters “TOP TAX RATES BY STATE.” In slightly smaller text it says “UNDER BIDEN TAX PLAN.” 50 Cent is probably half joking here saying that he is leaving New York and to vote for Trump.

In the second post you can see a screenshot of Instagram temporarily blocked the image. You could either see why they were blocking it or click at the bottom to see the post. I didn’t see this but now you can see at the bottom “Missing Context. The same information was reviewed by independent fact-checkers in another post.” “Independent fact-checkers say information in this post is missing context and could mislead people.” The missing context is “Graphic shows top tax rates by state only for high-income earners.”

I don’t like the idea of someone censoring my post but if you don’t completely own your platform and infrastructure there is nothing you can do. That doesn’t seem to be a possibility. I could build my own server to host my own content but I can’t build an entire network for you to get to my content. Verizon or Comcast will shut me down if they want to. The Fact-Checker is the Associated Press. I don’t who the person at the Associated Press is but I’m supposed to take their word that they are definitely independent. I don’t know what that means. Does it mean they just don’t participate in the election? They don’t register with a political party and don’t donate money. They have no motives behind their work? Is that really possible? I haven’t believe that non-biased fairy tale for years.

I’m watching Agents of Chaos on HBO supposedly about how the Russians stole the election. I feel like all of this is insulting. You’re telling me that i’m not smart enough to make my own decisions. Do we really want a democracy or do we want to be ruled by whoever is the most powerful at the time? I think instead of censoring posts, tech giants should provide more information. I can’t find out much information about the local elections in my county. I’m supposed to pick six judges that I know nothing about. You do a Google search and there is no recent info. So I would need to devote hours and days looking for information. I’m pretty sure I know George McDermott is but more information would be nice. Is it true that David Murray is running for Board of Education uncontested? Just because your opponent didn’t make it on the ballot doesn’t mean you are running uncontested. You can find write-in candidates here for previous elections. I cannot find 2020 Maryland write-in candidates.

I think if Trump and Biden are spending $11 billion getting their message out they don’t need assistance from tech giants.

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