Early voting in Maryland

Go to the Xfinity Center in College Park mid-day if you can

I just went to the Xfinity Center to vote and it took me maybe 10 minutes. I was surprised that they actually had plenty of free parking knowing that this was the University of Maryland. It also makes me wonder is it because they have so many voting stations that the line was low or because the races in PG county don’t seem worth showing up. I doubt Joe Biden will lose in Maryland. I’m very curious what the numbers are going to be.

It not like they aren’t trying but the county should do a better job of spreading the word.

I was unable to use Google Maps to figure out the real-time crowd but PG county is offering wait times and updates every so often on their election page. Montgomery county also has a page that will give you wait times. It’s a shame people are waiting in line for hours when it probably took more time for them to explain the process I kind of already knew than the time it took me to wait in line. I opted to vote using the computer because I do not trust penciling in a vote for it to correctly get my vote. I was an election judge in the past and I was a Diebold contractor so I trust the computers. You do not have to vote by computer at this location. One problem I can see happening at least once is someone stepping on a power strip to one of those computers. I tripped over a power strip and the button wasn’t covered. I did not power off the computer but I’m pretty sure there’s nothing stopping someone from just stepping on the power button supposedly by accident. If a computer shuts down in the middle of taking your selections I’m sure they would just give you another form to print out your ballot. Before going to the Xfinity Center I was leaning towards going to Laurel high School because I’m a equal distance away from it. It looks like the Xfinity Center is the safest way to vote at the moment They gave me hand sanitizer when I walked in and everyone was wearing a mask. My cheat sheet came in handy because I forgot how I was voting on question 1. The wording on question 1 is a little suspect.

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