I hope Joe Biden wins

I voted today for Jo Jorgensen but I hope Joe Biden wins cause people whining about Donald Trump everyday is annoying. Trump supporters are also annoying but I don’t see or hear them as much. I listen to Hot 97 and Power 105 morning show podcasts because my local stations don’t have podcasts and I fast forward past 25% of the show. I was a fan of Juan Epstein and I guess i’m still a fan since it’s not clear if it’s over forever but Peter Rosenberg is getting more annoying by the minute. All of sudden he is putting out content on his Rosenberg Radio feed but so much of it is him moaning about Trump. Pete is now a New Yorker and they think everyone listens to them. You do not win New York unless your name is Reagan. You at least have to give him credit for helping start the Joe Budden podcast. Now that I think about it I wonder if Joe Budden called the show I’ll Name This Podcast Later because he know he was going to try and ditch Pete. You can hear them talk about this on episode 54 about how Joe’s podcast is kind of a spin off and since i’m a fan of both of them I sort of recall them putting these shows together. Sometimes I listen because I don’t want to be in a libertarian bubble but I can only take so much. The culture that I spend most of my time around ignored all the bad things Obama did. Forget about what Trump did, every time Trump says something or is rumored to say something I hear about it. I’m more focused on what he does than what he says. I probably said this before but he isn’t king so over a hundred other people have to be held responsible for what our government does.

The last time the democrats took control of the government we got The E.N.D. LOL! I didn’t like it at the time but it grew on me. I don’t think it’s possible to front on I Got A Feeling. I was more into Behind The Front and they said they went back to that sound because of Trump but it wasn’t the same. I like the Reggaeton records they are making now. I think this pandemic is over next year and if they haven’t already been doing it I want artists to get back to making incredible music.

Libertarians only got a little over 1% of the vote last time in Maryland and the media mostly ignores Jo Jorgensen. I can understand that she needs to prove she is worth covering because they would come off as promoting her (is that the reason?) but they do this with everything else! I listen to the This Morning podcast and they mentioned the new Borat movie was being released last week. I thought to myself how is this not promotion? Did a movie studio pay this program to remind us that the movie was releasing or did they tell us because it was so popular last time? The media encourages the two party system because it is made up of people who support one of the two major parties.

I know Joe Biden will win Maryland but I don’t know what will happen across the country. Maryland only has 10 of the 538 available electoral votes. I really hope Joe wins because I don’t want to hear people whining about the popular vote which Biden will probably win but doesn’t matter. WE HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN THE POPULAR VOTE DOES NOT MATTER SO WHY KEEP BRINGING IT UP?! I do not trust polls because people will say anything in public. I keep looking at my ballot and the three hour wait time in Bowie today and wonder why would people show up? Is it really worth it? In Florida if you owe money to the state you can’t vote. If I owed a couple hundred dollars to the state and lived check to check I would not be voting.

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