Which George was Joe Biden talking about?

You can trust he knew what he meant to say

I didn’t start this blog to talk about stuff I don’t care about but I’m starting to get into blogging regularly. Was it George Bush or was it George Lopez? I mentioned that I think Joe Biden is senile. He is too old to be president. His resume says he is qualified but his age says don’t do it. Two weeks ago he told us he was running for the senate. Now it looks like he thinks George Bush is running against him. This is simple, silly stuff to point out but it keeps happening. There are some situations when you don’t want some cranky grandpa fussing because you were supposed to know what he really meant.

I see this all the time where I can’t figure out if people are forgetful or just don’t care. Joe Biden supporters are trying to convince us he was talking about “four more years of George Lopez?” We are told that we are in desperate times. I want to believe that a Joe Biden campaign insider would leak to the press if they thought he was incompetent but Biden appears to be winning. I would probably snitch on Hillary Clinton if I was on the inside but if I was team Biden why would I throw him under the bus?

We criticize everything Trump says but you can’t do that with Biden. You should’ve know that Trump didn’t seriously tell you to inject bleach to defeat COVID-19. You should’ve already known that Biden meant four more year of George Lopez.

Joe Biden is OLD. He is 77 years old. I don’t know if any of you have spent time around seniors but they can go into decline really fast around this age. I feel like Trump stole this joke from me but look up Mr Magoo on YouTube if you want to know who you might be electing to office next week. I’m old enough to have caught the reruns as a kid. I’m also old enough to run for president but we prefer 70 year-old men lately.

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