Lil Wayne is the October surprise?

Is that a XXL V-neck sweater? Who’s decision was the slacks?

I’m surprised to see this but I shouldn’t be. To be fair, Trump has been better than Obama on Criminal Justice if you only look at his actions and ignore the stuff that comes out of his mouth. Trump signed a law and all Obama did was go have a talk at a prison and an executive order allowing ex-cons to get federal jobs. I don’t know how Trump does it. I thought him getting COVID-19 was a good trick. He just got Ice Cube and 50 Cent. You can probably still count Kanye as a fan except he is running against. Who’s next Jay Z? Drake? The POTUS is really a show business position these days.

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Rappers like Trump and Trump likes rappers. Clinton and Obama had all the rappers but Joe Biden only has battle rappers as far as I can tell. I mean Trump is a moderate from NYC. There is too much evidence out on the net of Trump with rappers. He was a regular at parties. I don’t understand what would make Wayne publicly endorse Trump again he could just shut up. Maybe Joe Biden is really that bad? There ARE other choices.

Shout out to Our Black Party

Wayne might be a closet conservative or maybe a moderate. I’m sure Lil Wayne doesn’t consider himself an expert on politics so he doesn’t focus on party affiliations. He does live in Florida at it is very conservative. People kind of tolerate me in Maryland because i’m Libertarian but they would whip out pitchforks if I was openly Republican. I learned recently why people are conservative. I knew conservative positions years ago but I didn’t know why. I knew it had to be more than just being rich because a lot of right wing people are not rich. You are a conservative when you are happy with you life. When you think life is good and you don’t need anything or you want to go back to the supposed good ol days. You are liberal when you need things fixed. You need something new that isn’t status quo and never has been. Lil Wayne thinks the police won’t give him any problems so he doesn’t feel the need to speak out. He is fine with how everything is right now.

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