It’s Jo Jorgensen’s fault

There are a lot of people who discovered who Jo Jorgensen is because she got enough votes that could’ve decided the presidential election in multiple states. Maybe Biden wasn’t good enough and clearly Trump wasn’t a good president. Obama didn’t have this problem. He won with ease and got to have an election night party each time as the clear winner. There is too much focus on the president when congress should be the real focus. Trump will not be able to do much with a democrat House and Biden won’t be doing much with a republican Senate. I feel like a troll right now how much i’m enjoying all of the people seeing her collect votes in the margin of multiple states. Tweets like these make me feel good about my vote even if she didn’t do much in Maryland. For all those that are new to this, Reason is always a good place to get up to speed on all things Libertarian.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump aren’t good enough candidates to win by more than 1%
Looks like this first impression was a missed opportunity. Rats!
I bet she knows now…matter of fact maybe not. It’s a shame how many people show up to vote for people they never heard of but that commercial told you to show up.
I mean I like Florida’s style in this instance. I’m debating on becoming a #FloridaMan next year.
Some people enjoy getting choked if your timing is right
I can’t wait until he finishes this thread. I’m on the edge of my seat.
She might be on to us. Maybe my finger slipped on the touchscreen.
I hope so. The people who nominated her would hope so too.
I’m not mad at any Kanye votes and Graduation might be his best album.
Let’s Go Travis!
They think we are worried about our chances
Good times
She would respect your right to curse her out.
Sounds like a good time
Holla at your boy!

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