Winter is coming (COVID-19)

While everyone is staring at the news to see what the election vote count will be…remember COVID-19? Donald Trump is going to be in office until mid January. He is going to file every court challenge possible to try and stick around. We should focus on priorities. The coronavirus is still killing people.
We even had a reminder during the election but it seems people don’t care anymore. Halloween was last weekend and election day was Tuesday. I think we will see a spike during the holidays. My family already asked me to catch a flight or a road trip. The answer was no. Social gatherings are the number one reason the virus is spreading. We usually just pass a bad cold during Thanksgiving but this is different. People are dying and those that recover are still suffering.

Google is putting out a lot of information if you care to look. I know the idea of people using Google is asking too much. I remember my parents bought that Encyclopedia Britannica set I guess so we would know stuff. Nowadays all you gotta do is Google but people still won’t do it or they will keep searching until they find the answer they prefer. They say the virus isn’t real, it’s a conspiracy or it’s politics. I like the ability to be able to build a platform and have a voice but its a gift and a curse. I heard Busta Rhymes recently said on Drink Champs (skip to about 3:35:00) that you shouldn’t wear a mask because you shouldn’t be breathing the same air. He also said why don’t we question things anymore. He is a rapper but when things get inconvenient he’s also a doctor and a scientist. When people tell you something you should question their motives. Busta makes money when you show up to the concert. He makes money when his songs are played at the party. He doesn’t make as much money off of radio anymore. I’m not trying to say Busta is desperate for money but you should question things like he says on the podcast.

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