Why we need the Electoral College

Even though it is fun to to clown Trump’s desperate attempt to hold on to power he isn’t the only one who has been desperate. Up until Friday evening, most democrats were hollering about how we need to get rid of the electoral college. They were whining about Jo Jorgensen getting the margin of the vote that allegedly could’ve won them the election sooner. I think everyone has seen Trump saying how it was a disaster and later saying he liked it. He complained after Obama won and then appreciated it after he won. The point is complaining about the Electoral College is for sore losers people who think it will benefit them even though they are mistaken.

People complaining about the Electoral College just want to change the rules in order to win. The thing that maybe they don’t consider is that the campaigns are based on the rules as is. I can’t find the tweet but I think Trump also said that if the popular vote was a thing that mattered they would’ve campaigned accordingly.

My vote kinda doesn’t matter in Maryland already but if we got rid of the Electoral College it would be worse. The Libertarian party is growing but Maryland is mostly democrats. So there would be no reason to campaign in Maryland and we would have no influence because they are know who we support. The other reason is you would focus on the areas of the country where the population is the most dense. Why waste your time in Maryland when you can just go to New York or California? If your are a republican why not just spend most of your time in Texas and Florida? Most of the media is based in NY and CA so i’m not surprised they are the ones saying this. They are already trying to put together the plan to do this.

I kind of like Reason’s take on this topic cause I agree most of us are too stupid to pick the president. Most people don’t know who the candidates are and show up and vote for D’s or R’s. Some people vote for only women without knowing what they believe in. Even if you take time to research the candidates the information is so scarce and unorganized you will likely not find enough to make a good decision as I mentioned before I voted this year. We kinda hated this idea decades ago so they gave us the 17th amendment. I think we would be less likely to destroy the country with debt if we didn’t directly elect senators. It’s amazing how a little over 200 years later things haven’t changed.

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