How to get a PS5

The black market is alive and well. Why isn’t it called the “white market?” #thatsrac1st

If anyone knows how I can get a PS5 for $499 from the PlayStation store, please help. I know I get it from out the mud but I specifically need it from the PlayStation store. I was going to do a price gouging post months ago but never got around to it. I’m not completely mad at trying to charge double the price for something that you don’t really need. I do not like people selling something you need (not want!) for a ridiculous price. The Libertarian in me still would rather you get ripped off then have the government step in and try to save the day. I would rather wait for karma to step in and save the day eventually. I was going to try and sell one for a profit at first but I know I will eventually want to own one.

I want the PS5 from the PlayStation store because I have a PlayStation credit card. I got points to spend and points to earn! I still don’t know exactly what a point is but I know I can get stuff with it. Getting stuff is a big part of what life is all about. I think you should be helping others and making things better but getting stuff is high on the list of things to do. They are giving away 10x the points instead of usual 5x the points. I wonder why they are doing this. I think you always have to follow the money. Is it more profitable if we buy it from Sony instead of down the street at Target or Best Buy? I noticed Comenity increased the available credit on my account earlier this week.

I tried waiting for the golden ticket pre-order email but I wasn’t one of the chosen people. The pre-order launch forgot to mention that they were doing it at midnight. Wednesday night I went to the PlayStation store at midnight and only saw a message about pre-orders. I eventually saw a link on Twitter that would have me sitting in a queue for more than an hour. The page tells you do not need to refresh the page and you can open another tab and they will alert you when it is your turn. 2 hours later I got a message saying the PS5 was sold out and to check back later that day which was now Thursday. I follow alert accounts on Twitter and never heard of anymore stock that day. Today, I jumped in the queue around 4pm when I got another alert and i’m still stubbornly in line even though there is a message saying to check back 11/14.

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