2016 was a rigged election but 2020 was fair and square?

It’s fun to point and laugh at Donald Trump taking this loss but I have to call Bee Ess on Biden supporters acting like they weren’t doing this exact same thing for the last four years. I kind of love it! I didn’t vote for Trump but why not go out with a bang? What else does he have to do? It’s theater and reminds me of one of my favorite movies. This might be the new strategy that we have to credit the democrats in 2016 or maybe the democrats in 2000. I have been told that the Russians stole the election for the last four years. They told us Trump definitely colluded with the Russians to win the White House. By Trump’s definition he won 2016 by a landslide and lost 2020 by a landslide. I like HBO but they ran a whole documentary on how the Russians took over. We all too stupid to see through them Russians on Facebook. Trump has no proof of election fraud when he actually does. It is not enough proof to decide an election but there actually is proof so it doesn’t matter. I really have no issue about Trump throwing a tantrum for another two months. I didn’t support Biden or Trump so why would I care? John Oliver whines about Trump disputing the election results but also shows us the proof but also tells us that it is only a little cheating. He called this debunking voter fraud. I think Bill Maher did a better job of pointing out the fact that 73 million people still voted for Trump.

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