Should you take the vaccine

I keep hearing people debate this so I can’t help but chime in. Should you get the vaccine. I have heard that it was developed too fast. It wasn’t tested. You can’t trust the government and they developed it (and they didn’t). You can’t put foreign objects or chemicals in your body. Most of the arguments against the vaccine seem to come from people who know nothing about vaccines. I received two shots of the Pfizer vaccine and so far I haven’t had any issues aside from a sore shoulder for about two days. I get the idea that some people are genuinely scared and have made up their mind and will say anything. I have a feeling a lot of other people can’t afford it but the government purchased it already and there is no charge. My job didn’t charge me but I didn’t know that applied to everyone until I googled it just now. Of course, we can’t afford it and just borrowed money but let me not go into too much of a libertarian rant in this post. I don’t have anything to back this up but I feel like people come up with excuses instead of being honest. If you scared just say that! If you broke, it’s no problem but just say that!

I have seen one real reason to be worried about the vaccine and that is Bell’s Palsy. I got this CDC quote after doing a quick Google Search.

Cases of Bell’s palsy were reported in participants in the mRNA COVID19 vaccine clinical trials. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not consider these to be above the rate expected in the general population. They have not concluded these cases were caused by vaccination.

Does not consider these to be above the rate expected in the general population is a wild choice of words. It reminds me of people saying police murders are no big deal cause they aren’t killing that many people. I don’t want to be an accident or part of a no big deal percentage of a problem. From their testing, .02% of people developed Bell’s Palsy. I don’t know if Bell’s Palsy is being accurately explained because I’m not seeing any information on people who never fully recover. I went to school with someone who got the swine flu vaccine and never fully recovered from Bell’s Palsy. Knowing all of this and considering what I know about COVID-19, I would rather get Bell’s Palsy that die from COVID-19. I get the flu shot almost yearly so I’m not against vaccines. I cannot remember the source but I hear starting treatment immediately is important and people developed it within two months of getting the vaccine.

I think what happened in Tuskegee should be acknowledged and is important history to remind people why you can’t trust any government but also we should remember that happened in 1932! You mean to tell me you think history will repeat itself almost 90 years later? I think people trust the government when it’s convent. No one is turning down Bush or Trump checks. I can’t remember if there was an Obama check but I’m sure no one turned it down either.

I think it will be a long time before we get through this because of how much time it takes to just receive the shot. It takes time to document everything. We need medical staff that can give that shot but that can take away from medical staff already treating people with COVID-19. You can probably expect to wait at least an hour to get the shot.. There are a lot of people trying to get it even though there are also skeptics.

If you are familiar with DC demographics you know what’s happening here. Alex is pointing out while Black and Brown people are skeptics, rich and middle class White people are running to get the vaccine.

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