X1 is almost here

It’s winter so I have been looking for updates to this the card’s launch. It looks like they raised $12 million according to TechCrunch. I’m curious how will this work if they have over 300,000 people on a waiting list. My math works out to $40 credit limit per person. I’m pretty sure that isn’t enough to launch anytime soon. I’m no financial expert but TechCrunch thinks they have enough money. Hopefully, they aren’t using Brian Williams’ calculator and think $12 million means they can give a million to 12 million cardholders. Since I wrote about it I picked up at least one new card and two new loans so I’m curious if I’m still eligible for the card. They say they aren’t basing the process on a credit score but I don’t know how else they can manage risk. The TechCrunch article mentions your credit rating only decides your interest rate. I don’t care about anything but the features and specifically that temporary card number and the ability to cancel trials easier using the card. I still do not know how this will work and I get the idea this will either be the end of the free trial or companies will find another way to come after customers. There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there that view subscriptions as endless passive income. If this card works the way they say it will then it will be a disrupter of the free trial gimmick (or free trial scam as I like to sometimes call it).

According to @yunajune they are hiring if anyone is interested

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